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Europe, Shaking Paradise

We are delighted to announce the Annual CBMC Europe 2020 Conference will be held in Jerusalem, Israel during the days of February 5-9. It promises to be a very special event and an incredible opportunity for you to invite a colleague or friend.  There will be time for worship, silence, reflection and meeting God. Our … Read more

Asia-Pacific, Ambassadors of Transformation

The 22nd Asia-Pacific Convention (held during the days of November 21-23) is geared to empower Christians in the workplace to be salt and light through their life and testimony in the marketplace. Becoming an Ambassador in your Workplace is the calling from Jesus to each of us found in Matthew 5:13-16.  The convention is hosted … Read more

Africa, Be The Light

The All-Africa CBMC Convention (held during the days of October 17-19) is geared to empower Christians in the workplace to share their testimony and deal with questions that challenge their faith. As society becomes more secular, Christians in the marketplace are finding it a greater challenge to share their faith and determine what it means … Read more

Quarterly Report on CBMC Africa

Malawi Vision Casting and Connect3Training – After earlier attempt to establish CBMC in Malawi, CBMC Africa once again went to Malawi for the country’s vision cast which took place in Zomba town on the 28th April 2018. We had 30 signed up for CBMC. CBMC AFRICA NEWSLETTER Download the PDF Newsletter       

The Value Of Having Many Advisers

March 28, 2016 – Robert J. Tamasy

Some time ago I received a phone call from a friend who told me about a new business venture he was planning. He asked if I, being a writer, could come up with a catchy, marketable title for the enterprise. My friends know me as the guy who is never at a loss for words.


Before starting to think of clever names for the business start-up, I asked my friend if he had done his due diligence in researching the pros and cons of this particular type of company. He said he had already done that, and was eager to get underway. I had no background in that type of business, but two of my friends had engaged in ventures like that in the past. So I urged my friend to contact them and ask for their feedback. My desire was not to discourage him or change his mind, but to ensure he had examined all aspects of the proposed business to avoid problems in the future.


Years ago I learned an important principle of decision-making. We tend to make decisions based on emotion, then justify those decisions with facts – facts to support the course of action we want to take. Sometimes this works, but other times an emotions-first, facts-second approach can lead to disaster. Feelings can and frequently do cloud sound judgment.

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The Bottom Line: Friend Or Foe?

March 21, 2016 – John D. Beckett

Gunter was reeling. The unexpected turn of events had caught him totally off-guard. After all, the board of Mastech had brought him in as CEO to move the company forward. He knew he had been selected not only because of his proven business skills, but also his genuine care for people. In fact, Gunter had always regarded his commitment to his employees as one of his greatest strengths as a leader.


Now the board of directors was adamant: “You are just being soft, Gunter. You care about people so much that you are not making the tough decisions. You will never improve the bottom line of this company unless you start swinging the axe – making personnel cuts to reduce costs. Get to it, or…um…the axe may be falling on you!”


This directive hit Gunter right in the gut. It went directly against his instincts, as well as the strategy he had been employing to strengthen the company over the long term.

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Great Commissions…And The Great Commission

March 14, 2016 – Robert J. Tamasy

If someone were to ask why you go to work, how would you respond? There are many possible answers to that question: To earn a living and pay bills. To earn enough money to support one’s desired lifestyle. To build a rewarding career. To find expression for one’s skills, expertise and interests. Some might sarcastically reply, “To fill in the time between weekends, holidays and vacations.”


For people in sales, one of their primary motivations at work is to receive greater commissions. The more they sell, the more money they can make. But have you ever considered a different type of commission to pursue – at least for those who serve Jesus Christ in the workplace?

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An Unorthodox Marketing Strategy

March 7, 2016 – Rick Boxx

In the business world it seems normal to emphasize a company’s unique qualities and capacities. We try to define our “niche,” promote our strengths, and show how we differentiate from our competitors. It is less common, however, for business leaders to publicly acknowledge their weaknesses. They are either ignored or, even worse, disguised or concealed in hope that no one will recognize them.


That is not always the case. One stellar example was a nationally known pizza franchise that came to the unsettling realization that many of its customers disliked the taste of the primary product – pizza. Rather than overlooking the customers’ dissatisfaction by attempting slick marketing and repackaging, the company’s CEO developed a strategy that brought a remarkable turnaround in a five-year period.

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Things That Strike Fear In Our Hearts

January 25, 2016 – By Ken Korkow

What are the things that strike fear in your heart? ISIS and global terrorism? Disease epidemics, like ebola or some other cure-resistant virus? The always-present threat of nuclear warfare? Gun violence? National and global economic turmoil? So-called climate change?


Those issues confront people all around the world, fears we share whether we live in Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, South America, or the Pacific Rim. Then there are the even more personal fears that hover in our subconscious: Is my job secure? What happens if we lose that client? Can our company survive in this highly competitive environment? Will I get that promotion that I desperately want and need? What will my (or a loved one’s) biopsy reveal? Can I pay the bills? Will I age gracefully – or tragically?

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The End Of An Old Year Can Mean A New Beginning

Dec 28, 2015  – Robert J. Tamasy

It is never too soon – or too late – for making a fresh start. And something about the onset of a new calendar year inspires us to strive for a new beginning, either by redoubling our efforts to achieve a long-sought goal, or making needed changes because the old ways for doing things have not worked.


So with January 1, 2016 bearing down on us, many of us find ourselves thinking about resolutions and goals, along with decisions like, “This is the year I am going to…,” or “Starting the first of next year, I will no longer….” Maybe we feel stuck in a dead-end job, offering little fulfillment and no prospects for advancement. Perhaps there is an important educational step we have delayed, one that could open up new opportunities professionally.

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An Old Holiday That Is Always New

Dec 21, 2015  – Robert J. Tamasy

This is the week we again turn thoughts to “Christmas,” whatever that happens to mean for each of us. For many around the world, it means the commemoration of the birthday of Jesus Christ, even though the actual date of His birth is hidden in historical obscurity. For today’s business and professional world, however, Christmas means the difference between profit and loss (especially if you are in retail); the evaluation of bonuses for employees; the culmination of another fiscal year; and even determining whether “Merry Christmas” is an appropriate greeting for customers in our politically correct culture.


In reality, even though the holiday has taken on a secular life with traditions of its own, to extract Jesus Christ from Christmas is to render the day meaningless. Perhaps marketplace geniuses would have devised another special occasion to promote consumerism, but Christmas is an empty shell without the reflections on the Christ child, Mary, Joseph, shepherds, sheep and angels; Christmas carols both familiar and new; Christmas recipes and decorations, reflecting a wondrous annual celebration.

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