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CBMC International is an association of
Christian business & professional leaders in 96 countries
who share a passion to impact the global marketplace
by the life they live as Christ-followers.

Monday Manna

A Time To ‘Reboot’ How We Approach Our Work

June 29, 2020 – Robert J. Tamasy  Being a confirmed “non-techie,” someone who does not understand the what’s and why’s of computer technology, I have a very simple strategy when my computer is not working right. I shut it down and restart it to “reboot” the system and software. Most of the time it works, […]

Must It Be ‘Every Man For Himself’?

June 22, 2020 – Jim Mathis  As we pursue our livelihoods in the contemporary marketplace, should we take the approach of “Every man for himself,” or should our attitude be, “We are all on the same team?” This might be one of the fundamental questions of a society. A basic principle of capitalism is that […]

Combating Fear Of The Unknown, Focusing On The Known

June 15, 2020 – Robert J. Tamasy  Years ago, discussing the challenges of making decisions during a war in the Middle East, described the variable factors involved as “known knowns, known unknowns, and unknown unknowns.” Most of us will never have to handle such wartime responsibilities but given the uncertainties of the marketplace – even […]

A Life-Changing Encounter Like No Other

June 8, 2020 – Ray Kerwood  [Editor’s Note: The following is an adapted excerpt from Cross Currents: A World War II Survivor’s Voyage through Life’s Storms to God’s Safe Port, an autobiography by Ray Kerwood]. A longtime member of CBMC, Ray served with distinction as an officer with the Merchant Marines during World War II. […]

CBMC News & Featured Articles

Is Christian Unity Possible With So Much Disagreement?

John Stonestreet – Last week, a listener who follows a lot of Christian podcasts, including BreakPoint, wrote us with the following question, troubled by the conflicting opinions among Christians. Here’s how she put it: “In most cases the Christian proponents seem to have a genuine love for Jesus and are trying to live out their belief […]

The Post-Pandemic Church

John Stonestreet – Restaurants, theaters, sports teams, and theme parks are scrambling to figure out if and how they can get people back to business. At the same time, and far more important for many of us, churches are trying to figure out how to reopen, too. Not only are such plans complicated by official regulations […]

What Should You Be Focused On During A Crisis?

Focus is essential in times of crisis. I met with an executive coach and asked one question, “What should I, as a ministry CEO, be focused on in the middle of this crisis?”  Based on our conversation here are a few points of focus for every leader to consider in the uncertain landscape we are […]