The Global Marketplace Transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ

The greatest unreached people group of the 21st century is not hiding in remote villages. It is the dynamic and interconnected global marketplace.


CBMC International

Connecting Business and Marketplace to Christ since 1930, CBMC International, with over 45k members in over 90 nations, stands as the premier marketplace ministry worldwide. As the “Gospel Messengers” and “Disciple Makers” to the business and professional spheres, we exist to fulfill the Great Commission, one leader, one nation at a time.

CBMC Began in North
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Monday Manna

april 15 mm

Not Becoming Consumed With The Love Of Money

By Jim Langley
• April 15, 2024

At one time in my life, I was greatly motivated by how much money I could accumulate. Pursuing wealth became a way of life. This …

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april 15 mm
april 8 mm

Feeling In Control – Reality Or Illusion?

By Robert J. Tamasy
• April 8, 2024

You show up for work on schedule, your mind already thinking through your plans for the day: meetings, deadlines, specific tasks, or projects you want …

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april 1 mm

Identifying And Meeting Your Team’s Needs

By CBMC International
• April 1, 2024

By Rick Boxx Stephen Phelan, a top executive with a major mortgage corporation, was speaking at a conference about his company’s approach to caring for …

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march 25 mm

What Is Your ‘Go-To’ Strategy?

By Dan Britton
• March 25, 2024

I have enjoyed many sports, but my favorite has been lacrosse, as participant and spectator. This sport has also taught me about life. For example: …

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By CBMC International President Marketplace Ambassadors, In the exhilarating rush of 2024, we are witnessing a powerful movement of God’s hand. It is a time of “Salt & Light,” and I could not be more excited about the months ahead. The surge of spiritual awakening within our CBMC national ministries is both humbling and invigorating, … Read more

Marketplace Ambassador Video Update – April 2024

By CBMC International

You are a part of the most cutting-edge mission field of the 21st century. Become a Marketplace Ambassador for Christ!