The Global Marketplace Transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ

The greatest unreached people group of the 21st century is not hiding in remote villages. It is the dynamic and interconnected global marketplace.


CBMC International

Connecting Business and Marketplace to Christ since 1930, CBMC International, with over 45k members in over 90 nations, stands as the premier marketplace ministry worldwide. As the “Gospel Messengers” and “Disciple Makers” to the business and professional spheres, we exist to fulfill the Great Commission, one leader, one nation at a time.

CBMC Began in North
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Monday Manna

july 8 mm

Investing Time To Care, Listen And Connect

By Robert J. Tamasy
• July 8, 2024

Having spent the entirety of my career in communications – first as a newspaper editor, then magazine editor, director of publications and communications, and book …

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july 8 mm
july 1 mm

Considerations Before Closing A Business

By Rick Boxx
• July 1, 2024

We all would like to think that following the Bible’s high standards of doing business always result in success, but that is not reality. It …

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june 24 mm

Bringing The Awe Of Creation Into The Workplace

By Erenia Mendoza
• June 24, 2024

Mental and emotional health increasingly are reasons for great concern for every aspect of life. Especially for the demanding, high-pressure, fast-paced global marketplace. The causes …

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june 17 mm

We Are All ‘Under The Influence’ – Choose Good Ones

By Robert J. Tamasy
• June 17, 2024

One of the worst things that can happen while operating a motor vehicle is to be cited for driving “under the influence.” This usually refers …

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We are excited to bring you the 2024 Quarter 2 video newsletter, and it’s packed with awe-inspiring updates from around the globe! Our Lord is accomplishing incredible works through CBMC, and this quarter has been a testament to His powerful movement among us. From dynamic regional conventions that have united believers from diverse backgrounds to … Read more

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