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CBMC International is an association of
Christian business & professional leaders in 96 countries
who share a passion to impact the global marketplace
by the life they live as Christ-followers.

CBMC News & Featured Articles

Europe, Shaking Paradise

We are delighted to announce the Annual CBMC Europe 2020 Conference will be held in Jerusalem, Israel during the days of February 5-9. It promises to be a very special event and an incredible opportunity for you to invite a colleague or friend.  There will be time for worship, silence, reflection and meeting God. Our […]

Asia-Pacific, Ambassadors of Transformation

The 22nd Asia-Pacific Convention (held during the days of November 21-23) is geared to empower Christians in the workplace to be salt and light through their life and testimony in the marketplace. Becoming an Ambassador in your Workplace is the calling from Jesus to each of us found in Matthew 5:13-16.  The convention is hosted […]

Africa, Be The Light

The All-Africa CBMC Convention (held during the days of October 17-19) is geared to empower Christians in the workplace to share their testimony and deal with questions that challenge their faith. As society becomes more secular, Christians in the marketplace are finding it a greater challenge to share their faith and determine what it means […]

Monday Manna

Discomforting Facts About The Comfort Zone

December 9, 2019 – Sergio M. Fortes  Several months back, an edition of Monday Manna discussed something many of us have encountered: the comfort zone. It seemed fitting to revisit this topic, since it is a common issue of the everyday workplace, as well as people’s lives. It is where we like to be and […]

The Ever-Changing Tools Of The Trade

December 2, 2019 – Rick Boxx  The “tools” I was given for my first job in public accounting included an adding machine, pencils, and a pad of green columnar paper. The only computer I recall was a $1 million albatross located at a client’s office that no one could figure out how to use. How the […]

Remembering To Be Thankful – At All Times

November 25, 2019 – Robert J. Tamasy  What are you thankful for – your career, your family, your health, financial prosperity? How often do you pause to ponder or reflect on the positives in your life – to be genuinely thankful? And when you do give thanks, to whom, or what, do you express your […]

Mission: ‘Marketplace Ambassadors’

November 18, 2019 – Robert J. Tamasy  Way back in 1981, I heard about something called “CBMC” for the first time. I was seeking an employment change, and responded to an ad in a trade journal. The job was with an organization that at the time was called Christian Business Men’s Committee, although it is […]