Christian Business & Marketplace Connection | CBMC International

Our mission is to establish and strengthen CBMC national and regional teams to be effective as they present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to their colleagues in the global marketplace and to help others be transformed to Christ-likeness.

CBMC International is an interdenominational, evangelical Christian organization comprised of national associations around the world. We share a common statement of beliefs, ministry practices and a passion to see lives transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


In one of his parables, Jesus declared that the kingdom of God is like a grain of mustard seed that grows to become a tree “larger than all the garden plants” (Mark 8:30-32). Today, we live in a time when Jesus’ words have become reality. Christianity is the only global religion in both numbers and geographical presence. Because of the love and sacrifice of dedicated Christians over the last 200 years, authentic Christ-followers live and work in every major city of the world today. This facilitates the next step in the growth of the mustard tree: Marketplace Ministry.

Marketplace ministry is the intentional activities of Christians as Christ’s ambassadors in the marketplace touching the lives of those they work with or serve every day. Information technology and globalization help put CBMC on the forefront of marketplace ministry.

A Brief History of CBMC International


We began in the USA in 1930 with a group of Christian businessmen. With the Great Depression in its second year, these men saw a need for a spiritual revival in the Chicago area.

Weekday meetings soon extended beyond six weeks into six months, then one year. Similar groups were started in San Francisco, Seattle, and several other large cities. These separate groups linked together and formally established CBMC in 1937.

In 1938, the first CBMC International Conference was held in Chicago, seeking to bring men and women from around the world into closer fellowship and mutual commitment. CBMC International became a separate organization, with a separate board, in 1987.

For the past several decades evangelistic outreach events, centered around a business or professional leader sharing their testimony of conversion to Christ, have been central to CBMC’s proclamation of the Gospel to business and professional men and women.

In the mid 1970s Operation Timothy a tool for discipling, one-on-one, was developed. The hope and desire is that these discipled men and women will become effective CBMC team members capable of discipling others.

As the years passed, the work of CBMC spread throughout the world, into Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England, Scotland, Korea, South Africa, the Netherlands, Portugal, Taiwan, India, Mexico.

Today, with ministry teams located in over 80 countries, throughout all six continents, CBMC International is uniquely positioned to influence business and professional leaders for Christ who can then influence others. CBMC International remains a movement of God transforming people through Christ to accomplish His will in the marketplace through prayer, evangelism, discipleship, and leadership development.