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CBMC International

Who are we?

We are an interdenominational, evangelical Christian organization comprised of national associations in over 90 countries. We share a common statement of faith, ministry practices, and a passion to see lives transformed by the Gospel.

What do we do?

Our mission is to establish and strengthen CBMC ministries at the national and regional levels across the globe as they engage the marketplace with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and partner with men and women in transformative discipleship relationships, ushering more extraordinary measures of faith and obedience into their personal and professional lives.

What is Marketplace Ministry?

Marketplace ministry refers to the deliberate actions taken by Christians, acting as ambassadors of Christ within the professional sphere, to broadly impact the culture of their organizations and the lives of their colleagues and clients. Information technology and growing international connectivity have helped to put CBMC at the forefront of marketplace ministry.

CBMC Members

Our Story

A Brief History of CBMC

In 1930, amidst the backdrop of the ongoing Great Depression, a group of Christian businessmen in the USA felt a divine calling. Recognizing the profound need for spiritual revival in Chicago, they took action, gathering together under the banner of prayer and evangelism in the marketplace. This inspiration resonated in other major cities like San Francisco and Seattle, where similar groups emerged. By 1937, these groups unified, giving birth to CBMC.

The following year, 1938, saw the inaugural CBMC International Conference in Chicago, aiming to foster a deeper global bond and shared dedication among Christian businesspeople.

During the 1970s, “Operation Timothy” was introduced as a life-on-life discipleship tool. The aspiration was to mold discipled businessmen and women into influential CBMC contributors who, in turn, would disciple others within their professional spheres. Over time, CBMC’s impact grew, man by man and woman by woman, eventually touching corners across the globe.

CBMC International, a distinct entity supported by an independent board since 1987, now features ministry teams across all six continents. Through prayer, evangelism, discipleship, and leadership development, CBMC stands as a divine instrument used by God for almost a century to transform lives in the business and professional arenas.


CBMC Began in North America (Chicago)


First CBMC International Conference


CBMC Began in Pacific (Australia)


CBMC Began in Asia (South Korea)

1950 (MID)

CBMC Began in Latin America (Mexico)


CBMC Began in Europe (The Netherlands)


CBMC Began in Africa (South Africa)


CBMC International Established as the Global Association for CBMC


Asian/Pacific Board


Europartners, CBMC agent in Europe


Global Leadership Team


Latin America ExCom


Africa ExCom


MAAS Digital Platform launched


Middle East Pilot


CBMC Leads Marketplace Ministry Teams in over 100 Countries on 6 Continents