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This journey, however challenging, is fueled by the unwavering support and dedication of individuals who believe in the power of faith in professional life. With a recurring monthly donation of $30, you become a pivotal part of our mission as a CBMC 360 Global Partner.

“But now, O God, strengthen my hands.” – Nehemiah 6:9 (ESV)

In an evolving world, we, as followers of Christ, are continually confronted with trials that test the mettle of our faith and the steadfastness of our spiritual resolve. The pervasive nature of moral decay and corruption seeps into every professional arena. In the face of a secular world increasingly insistent that Christian testimony be limited to the confines of home and church, I urge you to be heartened by our unwavering stance.
We at CBMC International persist in executing the Great Commission, undeterred and unswerving in our commitment to propagating the Gospel and cultivating disciples within the global marketplace – come what may. I personally invite you to join us on the frontlines of the faith.
In His Mighty Service,

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Christopher C. Simpson

Your support as a CBMC 360 Global Partner helps us: 

Proclaim the Gospel Globally:

Spread the word of God across diverse nations and tongues.

Develop Faith-Deepening Resources:

Craft materials that nurture and strengthen the faith of individuals in the marketplace.

Innovate in Evangelism and Discipleship:

Provide cutting-edge tools and strategies for effective outreach and spiritual growth in the workplace.

Amplify Marketplace Ministry:

Enhance the impact of the Gospel through dynamic outreach initiatives and strategic marketing efforts.

Benefits for CBMC 360
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Monday Manna:

A weekly infusion of faith, wisdom, and encouragement for believers navigating the modern marketplace.

Quarterly Video Newsletters:

Insight into the ministry’s global impact, featuring Marketplace Ambassadors and national ministries sent directly to your inbox.

Personal Communications from President Christopher C. Simpson:

Regular updates, words of encouragement, and news on upcoming events and developments in Christianity in the marketplace.