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Gospel Transformation in the Marketplace, A Personal Story | CBMC International
Gospel Transformation in the Marketplace, A Personal Story

2018 World Convention, Belfast, Northern Ireland – Listen as Steve Trice, Chairman of Jasco Products, located in Oklahoma City, OK, USA shares how his business strategy allows the company to give 50% of their profits away each year.

1 Comment Responses to Gospel Transformation in the Marketplace, A Personal Story
BrandonFab2019-08-24 09:45:50Reply
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Dr. Minnie R. Washington2018-08-28 01:38:38Reply
I was searching for the Christian Business men's Association which I became aware of when I worked with Billy Graham during his first crusade in Baltimore, and I came across CBMC International. And I discovered this film-WOW! In my own church, we have people who are corporate slaves to their jobs, and tho are on call to work, even when they are on vacation. They do not work ofr JASCO! I want the book he wrote, and I want to show this film during my missions Conference on October 6, 2018. May I? Is it possible to have someone to come and speak about CBMC? My phone number is 443.469.3022 My Church is located at 4001-4007 Groveland Avenue, Baltimore, Md. 21215. please let me hear from someone from your ministry.
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