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july 22 mm

Do You Know Where Your Treasure Is?

By Robert J. Tamasy
• July 22, 2024

Have you ever been on a treasure hunt? They come in a variety of forms. Some involve a crudely drawn treasure map like legendary pirates ...

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july 15 mm

We Are The Average Of Our Five Closest Friends

By Jim Mathis
• July 15, 2024

It has often been said that we are the average of our five closest friends. I do not know if actual data can back up ...

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july 8 mm

Investing Time To Care, Listen And Connect

By Robert J. Tamasy
• July 8, 2024

Having spent the entirety of my career in communications – first as a newspaper editor, then magazine editor, director of publications and communications, and book ...

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july 1 mm

Considerations Before Closing A Business

By Rick Boxx
• July 1, 2024

We all would like to think that following the Bible’s high standards of doing business always result in success, but that is not reality. It ...

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june 24 mm

Bringing The Awe Of Creation Into The Workplace

By Erenia Mendoza
• June 24, 2024

Mental and emotional health increasingly are reasons for great concern for every aspect of life. Especially for the demanding, high-pressure, fast-paced global marketplace. The causes ...

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june 17 mm

We Are All ‘Under The Influence’ – Choose Good Ones

By Robert J. Tamasy
• June 17, 2024

One of the worst things that can happen while operating a motor vehicle is to be cited for driving “under the influence.” This usually refers ...

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june 10 mm

A Much-Needed Fresh Leadership Perspective

By Philip Struble
• June 10, 2024

Entrepreneurs and small business owners – even leaders at midsize and large companies – tend to suffer from the same problem: They want to control ...

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june 3 mm

The Illusion Of Communication

By Rick Boxx
• June 3, 2024

Early in my banking career, I had the difficult task of communicating to one of our customers that our loan committee had decided to decline ...

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may 27 mm

How Love Can Propel Your Business

By John Johnson
• May 27, 2024

What would be the primary traits you would consider essential for effective leadership? Would you include qualities such as vision, courage, determination, perseverance, charisma, communication ...

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may 20 mm

Have You Considered What Is True Success?

By Robert J. Tamasy
• May 20, 2024

What is your definition for ‘success’? If we were to conduct a survey of 1,000 people in the marketplace, we probably would find the word ...

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may 13 mm

Executive Summary Of The Sermon On The Mount

By Stephen R. Graves
• May 13, 2024

I love when a proven leader delivers a distilled executive summary or brief with points or principles you can quickly understand. This is one reason ...

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may 6 mm

Making Peace In The Face Of Hostility

By Rick Boxx
• May 6, 2024

Recently, I received a call from a former work colleague whom I had not heard from in years. He quickly launched into an angry tirade ...

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