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Young Professionals Weekend – CBMC Europe

By CBMC International
• December 16, 2016

Frans van Santen, Coordinator, Young Professionals from Europartners (CBMC Europe) shares highlights of the second weekend retreat. With 13 participants from seven different nations, we enjoyed a great weekend in the woods of Doorn, The Netherlands.

We learned about the God who calls each one, about our personal calling and leadership style, and heard testimonies of God’s work. As one participant put it: “I loved the great atmosphere that everybody created of confidence, respect and love.”

Apart from the prayer time, teachings and personal worktime, we enjoyed volleyball and some of us took a tour to the city of Amsterdam. Everybody left the weekend with a sense of greater purpose and refreshment. We are grateful!

For more information on the young professionals ministry in Europe, please visit: https://www.europartners.org/young-professionals