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  1. The Importance Of A Unique Mission

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    January 4, 2016 – Rick Boxx

    When you go to work, does having a sense of mission – an underlying purpose – factor into how much you enjoy what you do? An article in Wall Street Journal, a respected business periodical, discussed the increasing focus corporations are now putting on their employees’ need for a sense of purpose in their work. For many of them, having a job to perform and earning a regular paycheck is not sufficient – they also want to feel their work has deeper meaning.


    This concern is shared by many people as they evaluate their investment options. For instance, Factiva, an online business information and research tool, discovered the words “mission” “higher purpose,” or “changing the world” were discussed 3,243 times by investors with their financial advisors on recorded phone calls in 2014, compared to only 2,318 times five years before.