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A Much-Needed Fresh Leadership Perspective

june 10 mm

Entrepreneurs and small business owners – even leaders at midsize and large companies – tend to suffer from the same problem: They want to control all the decisions at their company. Bosses are often under the impression they have achieved their standing today due to their excellent decision-making skills.  While this may be true to … Read more

How Love Can Propel Your Business

may 27 mm

What would be the primary traits you would consider essential for effective leadership? Would you include qualities such as vision, courage, determination, perseverance, charisma, communication skills, and intelligence? How about character traits such as honesty, integrity, generosity, and humility? One quality that stands out to me probably would not appear near the top of many … Read more

Have You Considered What Is True Success?

may 20 mm

What is your definition for ‘success’? If we were to conduct a survey of 1,000 people in the marketplace, we probably would find the word to them has many different meanings. Because, it seems, success is in the eye of the beholder. For some, success would equate to possessions – money, cars, houses, extensive investment … Read more

Executive Summary Of The Sermon On The Mount

may 13 mm

I love when a proven leader delivers a distilled executive summary or brief with points or principles you can quickly understand. This is one reason Jesus Christ’s Sermon on the Mount has always captivated me. Recounted in Matthew 5-7, Jesus pulled together His “leadership team” (a group that included former fishermen, a political figure, and … Read more

2024 CBMC Africa Convention

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In a vibrant gathering of faith and community, marketplace ambassadors from across the continent convened in Harare, Zimbabwe for a transformative three-day event. The assembly brought together men and women from various walks of life, including young professionals, Connect 3 members, and Trusted Advisors. United by their faith and dedication to Christ Jesus, participants engaged … Read more

Making Peace In The Face Of Hostility

may 6 mm

Recently, I received a call from a former work colleague whom I had not heard from in years. He quickly launched into an angry tirade about an email I had written to others that he received when it was forwarded by someone. He misunderstood the facts I had presented in the email, resulting in anger and … Read more

What Travel Agents And Bankers Have In Common

april 29 mm

We all, in one way or another, have dealt with bankers. Probably on both personal and professional levels. Many of us also have had dealings with travel agents on occasion, whether for business or personal purposes. Have you ever considered that in one sense they are pretty much the same? Think about it. When you … Read more

To Win Life’s Relay Race, Don’t Drop The Baton

april 22 mm

It is often said that life is not a sprint, but a marathon. Unlike a sprint – a race that ends almost as quickly as it starts – a marathon is a long, grueling race requiring persistence, perseverance, pain, and patience. However, recently I have realized a truly successful life might more closely resemble a … Read more

Not Becoming Consumed With The Love Of Money

april 15 mm

At one time in my life, I was greatly motivated by how much money I could accumulate. Pursuing wealth became a way of life. This is hardly a new or unique development, however. It has been true of people for thousands of years. Writing to his protégé Timothy, the Apostle Paul offered these words of … Read more

Feeling In Control – Reality Or Illusion?

april 8 mm

You show up for work on schedule, your mind already thinking through your plans for the day: meetings, deadlines, specific tasks, or projects you want to work on or finally complete. You feel totally in control. Until you realize you aren’t. One of the certainties of life and work is how uncertain things can be. … Read more

Identifying And Meeting Your Team’s Needs

april 1 mm

By Rick Boxx Stephen Phelan, a top executive with a major mortgage corporation, was speaking at a conference about his company’s approach to caring for their team members. After exploring the needs of their teammates, the company concluded everyone had three common needs within the workplace. He said everyone needs: 1) friends at work, 2) friends during a crisis, … Read more