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  1. The Best Leaders Are Humble Leaders

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    BestLeadersIn a global marketplace where problems are increasingly complex, no one person will ever have all the answers. That’s why Google’s SVP of People Operations, Lazlo Bock, says humility is one of the traits he’s looking for in new hires.

    “Your end goal,” explained Bock, “is what can we do together to problem-solve. I’ve contributed my piece, and then I step back.” And it is not just humility in creating space for others to contribute, says Bock—it’s “intellectual humility. Without humility, you are unable to learn.”

    A recent Catalyst study backs this up, showing that…

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  2. China on course to become 'world's most Christian nation' within 15 years

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    The number of Christians in Communist China is growing so steadily that it by 2030 it could have more churchgoers than America.

    It is said to be China’s biggest church and on Easter Sunday thousands of worshippers will flock to this Asian mega-temple to pledge their allegiance – not to the Communist Party, but to the Cross.

    The 5,000-capacity Liushi church, which boasts more than twice as many seats as Westminster Abbey and a 206ft crucifix that can be seen for miles around, opened last year with one theologian declaring it a “miracle that such a small town was able to build such a grand church”.

    The £8 million building is also one of the most visible symbols of Communist China’s breakneck conversion as it evolves into one of the largest Christian congregations on earth.

    “It is a wonderful thing to be a follower of Jesus Christ. It gives us great confidence,” beamed Jin Hongxin, a 40-year-old visitor who was admiring the golden cross above Liushi’s altar in the lead up to Holy Week.

    “If everyone in China believed in Jesus then we would have no more need for police stations. There would be no more bad people and therefore no more crime,” she added.

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  3. EU Parlamentarian from CBMC Finland

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    christiandemocratsCBMC Finland Young Leader Andrei Nahkala is standing in the European Parliament elections in May 25th.

    Andrei joined the first Young Leaders Group in Finland in the autumn 2006 as a young student of Marketing at the Helsinki School of Economics. Today he has two master’s degrees, in Economics and in Political Science.  He hahas been a faithful member of his YL group for almost 8 years.

    Andrei stepped (or was dropped?) into the politics quite suddenly, within a week in 2010, when one of the MPs in the Parliament of Finland, a Christian Democrat, needed an assistant. Since then he has worked as secretary-general in the Parliamentary group’s office, as Special Adviser to the Minister of the Interior and now as State Secretary at the age of 29 years!

    Andrei got married last summer to a beautiful Finnish girl, Aliisa.

    “To the faithful you show yourself faithful, to the blameless you show yourself blameless” (2 Samuel 22:26) “The Lord will make you the head, not the tail. If you pay attention to the commands of the Lord your God that I give you this day and carefully follow them, you will always be at the top, never at the bottom.” (Deuteronomy 28:13)

    by Kristiina Drotar
    Photo: Andrei Nahkala interviewed with the other candidates of Christian Democrats April 26th 2014 by Board Member of Europartners Kristiina Drotár, who is presently assisting MEP Sari Essayah.christiandemocracts

  4. Business as mission: How is business penetrating China's vast unreached populations with the Good News?

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    Business is a “significant channel for Christians to effectively impact countless people and help set them free from sin”, says one business as mission (BAM) practitioner in China.  

    The practitioner’s comments are shared in a new report from the Think Tank group on the opportunities and challenges for BAM in China.

    With China’s huge economic growth and large amounts of foreign investment, there are many opportunities for doing business in the country that can be tied in with spreading the Gospel.  

    For Christians, the business can open many doors to those who have never heard the Gospel and BAM practitioners are making the most of the opportunities to build on their close relationships with employees and business contacts. 

    The Think Tank report gives insight into the success that BAM is having in China in bringing people to the faith, with Bible study groups being formed in business contexts and new local churches being planted.

    The report surveyed 21 BAM businesses and found that all had seen decisions for Christ, discipled believers, the formation of Bible study groups, trained leaders, and believers joining local churches.

    Planting churches was less frequent and only occurred at four of the BAM businesses, all of which were large companies with 250 or more employees.  One was closed due to bankruptcy.  

    Although Think Tank is keen to stress that the survey does not represent the whole picture of BAM in China, some conclusions can be drawn from the experience of the practitioners in the survey group.

    In terms of BAM success, the practitioners pointed to certain factors:

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  5. 14th National Prayer Meeting – April 25 in Tokyo, Japan

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    CBMC Japan hosted the 14th National Prayer Meeting on the 25th of April 2014, at Keio Plaza Hotel in Shinjuku-­‐ku, Tokyo. Over 300 Christian ministers and believers from all denominations gathered to pray for Japan and for world peace.

    Chosei Kabira, professor emeritus at
    Showa Women’s University shares a message.
    Laying hands on the Bible to pray for harmony and cooperation between Japan, the United States and Korea – from left, James Firnstahl, president of CBMC International, Chang Sung Kim, president of CBMC Asia, and Yoshiaki Inoue, president of CBMC Japan.

    This type of prayer meeting is similar to a Prayer Breakfast in the United States and in Korea where the president attends and speaks. It has been part of the history of the United States for more than half a century. In Japan, the evangelical organization “CBMC Japan” which serves to evangelize business communities throughout Japan, hosts this meeting annually.

    One of the speakers, Prof. Chosei Kabira, professor emeritus at Showa Women’s University, talked about Shoko Ahagon (1901-­‐2002). Ahagon was a Christian and postwar Okinawa peace movement leader. Then Nobuhisa Yamakita, president of Aoyama Gakuin University, Yoshitaka Ikarashi of Ikarashi Yoshitaka Ministry, and Hideo Ishibashi, president of the United Church of Christ in Japan took the podium and prayed for the leaders of Japan and the world, the victims of the nuclear plant contamination, protection of the earth from environmental pollution and natural disasters, peace among Asian countries and the world in order to prevent war.

    Christians from different denominations gathered to pray for Japan and world peace.

    Lastly, James Firnstahl, President of CBMC International, Chang Sung Kim, President of CBMC Asia, and Yoshiaki Inoue, President of CBMC Japan laid their hands on the Bible and prayed for harmony and cooperation between Japan, the United States and Korea.

    Opening prayer and a special prayer was given by a Catholic Osaka Archbishop, Jun Ikenaga and Rev. Tsugiumichi Okawa of Yamato Calvary Chapel. Ruth Kahanoff, Ambassador of Israel to Japan, and Betty Grace Akech-­‐Okullo, Ambassador of Uganda to Japan, were introduced as special guests. Worship was performed by cellist Berndt Bohman, Coloratura soprano singer Oksana Stepanyuk with a Ukrainian folk instrument called the bandura, and tenor, Hideki Matayoshi.


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    Koreans PrayingDearest Brothers and Sisters in the Lord’s Harvest,

    After months of preparation CBMC conference and Executive Outreach, now is done, it seem that everything went smooth, everybody both local and International delegates got excited and inspired with Word of God and vision to help reach market place.

    Thank you very much for International CBMC delegates who give us great encouragement and blessing us and thank you for Local CBMC members who work hard for this event, we are together for the sake of Christ and the lost souls.

    Our Vision want to see the Great Commission Fulfill in our land by bringing the Love of Jesus and His savior to the High ranking Government officers, Business owner and other influences in the society to bless the mission work in Cambodia. CBMC is the key ministry that help us to open way how we going to fulfill it. We pray that Christian Businessmen and Christian influences will come together and work together to fulfill the mission that God given to us.

    We praise God and give Him honor for the Executive Outreach; their parliament members, Secretaries of state, the Generals and businessmen and business owners join the Outreach. There are about almost two hundred of them and included Christian businessmen and International guest total 240 people attended the event, we have good response from non-believers and they feel good about Christian, there are about 26 people received Christ as their savior and Lord and more than hundred people want to know about God and CBMC ministry. (AMEN) To God be the GLORY! HE alone is HONOR.

    We are concern before the event come on how many people will join this outreach because  First they may not interested about Jesus and second during April 4 many people go out to their Parents, Grandparents’ tombs to worship, but praise God that He sent just enough numbers that we want. Praise God about that. I am really thank God about that. We use to do the event like this number of times but this time is the biggest one that has many influences came.

    But the mission is not finish yet. It difficult to invite people to join the event like this, but the most difficult is how we going to take care and help them to grow in their Spiritual to love God. This is not easy we need a lot of times and a lot energy and money and main power to keep growing. Please pray for us that will be more Christian businessmen and Influences will have the same burden to carry this mission and work together and pray that those who hear the message of Jesus will repent, those who received Jesus will grow and eager to know God.

    Satan was defeated; he doesn’t want this event happen, we faced many challenge and Spiritual warfare. Four months before the event come, my Mother got sick and several weeks later she passed away, then Daniel got very serious sickness two times and later other children also got sick and I also got sick and weak plus many mission trip from outside, it make me almost crazy, but praise God that He help us to do successfully.

    Thank you so much for your prayer and support, without your prayer there is impossible to happen, thank you for being part of this mission and helping to Fulfill Great Commission to bring God’s transformation in this land.

    God bless you and your work,

    Narin Chey
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