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CBMC Rekindled In Botswana

By CBMC International
• July 3, 2014

Botswana1Dick Liversage, a CBMC member has been doing business from South Africa in Botswana for many years. God is using him to rekindle CBMC in Botswana.  


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Botswana2On Sunday June 8th, Dick Liversage, a long time friend from South Africa, and I taught a group of 15 entrepreneurial business people “Business God’s Way” which is a brand new study developed by Compass and Howard Dayton. 


We had a full day of teaching, interaction, and small group discussions on this topic as well as key principles about leading FROM Christ. The powerful principles and processes found in this study were very encouraging and challenging to all.  


Many of these business people are customers or clients of Dick, who was extremely encouraged about the response and outcome. Dick is planning to meet ongoing with  1 or 2 small groups that will result from this launch. The Lord is raising up business people who are willing to take the Gospel to the business and government sectors of this country.


Matthew 5:16,  “Let your light shine in such a way that they may see your good works and glorify God who is in heaven.”


Frik Janse van Rensburg
Ministry Manager