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1st Annual Gathering of Christian CPA’s in India

By CBMC International
• June 25, 2014


All India Conference for Christian Chartered Accountants
Jointly between CBMC, Compass and Christian Institute of Management

The Vision to organize a Conference specifically for Christian Chartered Accountants in India was given by God and He raised leaders like Mr Raja B Singh from around the country to support this cause and make the dream come true.


CBMC India 2The Lord orchestrated the entire event as it was jointly organized by CBMC, CIM and Compass. Prayer covered the entire event.

Through a booklet for forty days of prayer, a prayer was mobilized from among the partners. Though it looked like an impossible task to bring the Christian Chartered Accountants from various parts of India, God brought His chosen ones and they were blessed abundantly.

The Christian Chartered Accountants’ conference was held at SAIACS CEO Centre, Bangalore from 23rd May to 25th May 2014. Around 50 Christian Chartered Accountants and Financial Leaders took part in the conference. Mr Raja B Singh, Mumbai, anchored the entire event.

CBMC India 3Session on ‘Work, Family and God – How a CA strikes a balance?’ was handled by Mr Bruce Johnson from his life testifying to live day – to – day on His strength and guidance.

CBMC India 4Mr Sanjay Patra presented on ‘Excellence in CA Profession – How High?’ He was saying that CA’s are watchdogs in the country and how a Christian CA can prove his excellence.

Mrs. Manju George challenged all the delegates based on the message from Prophet Haggai. For a problem–Corruption in Christian Organization, as a solution–Can CA be a change Agent.

Mr Raja B Singh addressed on “Giving to God–Could a CA indicate limits?” The session was a revelation to many on tithing. He challenged CA’s to tell their clients to give to God as a CA works out a Tax Return plan. He asked to give to the Lord as an expression of Love but not eyeing on ten – fold return. In addition, He addressed “Integrity in CA profession” by quoting many living examples who stand for Integrity and who has set Integrity as one of their core values.

CBMC India 5Dr K O John, was the Bible Teacher, who presented devotions on all the three days. He preached on ‘Faithfulness in little, faithfulness in other’s possession, faithfulness in worldly riches and faithfulness in serving God’. Transforming sessions for many who were present at the conference. Experiential sharing by CA’s and Camp Fire paved a way to understand each other closely and to connect with each other in a better way.

Sunday Pr Johnson Samuel led worship and he invited the delegates who have not accepted Christ as Savior, to accept Him during the worship time. It is a fact that the Lord transformed the lives of many Christian CA’s and they returned to their place as transformed persons.

CBMC India 6

To God be the glory!