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Business as mission: How is business penetrating China's vast unreached populations with the Good News?

By CBMC International
• May 13, 2014


Business is a “significant channel for Christians to effectively impact countless people and help set them free from sin”, says one business as mission (BAM) practitioner in China.  

The practitioner’s comments are shared in a new report from the Think Tank group on the opportunities and challenges for BAM in China.

With China’s huge economic growth and large amounts of foreign investment, there are many opportunities for doing business in the country that can be tied in with spreading the Gospel.  

For Christians, the business can open many doors to those who have never heard the Gospel and BAM practitioners are making the most of the opportunities to build on their close relationships with employees and business contacts. 

The Think Tank report gives insight into the success that BAM is having in China in bringing people to the faith, with Bible study groups being formed in business contexts and new local churches being planted.

The report surveyed 21 BAM businesses and found that all had seen decisions for Christ, discipled believers, the formation of Bible study groups, trained leaders, and believers joining local churches.

Planting churches was less frequent and only occurred at four of the BAM businesses, all of which were large companies with 250 or more employees.  One was closed due to bankruptcy.  

Although Think Tank is keen to stress that the survey does not represent the whole picture of BAM in China, some conclusions can be drawn from the experience of the practitioners in the survey group.

In terms of BAM success, the practitioners pointed to certain factors:

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