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Asking The Wrong Question?

February 1, 2016 – Rick Boxx Dan, a budding entrepreneur who was eager to start his career as an independent businessman, called me recently asking for counsel and some assistance. He […]

Cash Flow Conundrum

Oct 19, 2015  – Rick Boxx BUSINESS DILEMMA EDITION Editor’s Note: This is the second in a once a month series of “Monday Manna” focusing on business dilemmas and ethical […]

Business Like Chess, Not Checkers

Oct 5, 2015  – Rick Boxx The process of establishing and operating a business used to be simpler. Customers had expectations and businesses responded. Then, with the Internet and other […]

Customer First – Or Shareholder First?

Sep 7, 2015  – Rick Boxx Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba Group Holding Limited, a pace-setting e-commerce company, and one of the wealthiest business people in China, explained his simple, straight-forward […]

The Priority of Employee Appreciation

Rick Boxx Dr. Paul White, co-author of Five Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace, discovered in his research that 51 percent of managers believed they were doing a good job in striving […]

Assigning Responsibility

Assigning Responsibility Rick Boxx When I have a project that requires only my expertise, I find I can easily focus on producing an excellent outcome. If a project requires an […]

Lighting Our Way Through the Workplace

Lighting Our Way Through the Workplace Rick Boxx Early in my business career, while working for a certain bank president, many times I needed specific direction for handling critical issues […]

Protect Your Supply Lines

Protect Your Supply Lines Rick Boxx One of our consulting clients typically experiences lean winter seasons because business is slow during those months. Some time ago, as we reviewed and […]

Focused on Fear of Failure

Focused on Fear of Failure Rick Boxx In 2000, TV host, comedian and entertainer Conan O’Brien spoke to graduates at his alma mater, Harvard University, the distinguished Ivy League institution. […]

A Dangerous Path To Follow

A Dangerous Path To Follow Rick Boxx While I was speaking with Drayton, a highly successful Christian businessman, we began reflecting on the importance of having the right motives in […]

Pitfalls Of Instant Success

Pitfalls Of Instant Success Rick Boxx In these days when gloom and doom seem to attract attention, when negative news receives so much coverage, our own focus is often directed […]

Benefits of Full Disclosure

Benefits of Full Disclosure Rick Boxx A friend I will call Tim made a critical mistake during his process of hiring a key executive. After the hiring proved to be […]