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Young Professionals Weekend, Cluj, Romania | CBMC International
Young Professionals Weekend, Cluj, Romania

July 19, 2017 – Frans van Santen, CBMC Europe (Europartners)

As you know, Europartners recently had our very first weekend of the Young Professionals Academy in Cluj, Romania. Ron Zwaan and I myself were teaching for two days and had a great time together with 22 participants. Thanks to our volunteers Corneliu and Stephanie Niste, the weekend was very well organized.

Together we discovered our calling and destiny as leaders. It was in a productive, intimate and open climate to which everyone contributed. At the end of the program we had communion, remembering that we all are Christ’s own and live to honor Him.

We would like to share this video with you that Stephanie made. In it you will meet those who were impacted by this weekend and what they plan to do about it. Worth watching!

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