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The Dangers Of Pursuing Your Passion

By CBMC International
• July 20, 2016

July 11, 2016 – Sarah Hahn   Arlene Dickinson, an investor on the popular reality show DragonsDen once said, “If you’re not getting up every day and loving your job, then why are you doing it?”
Our parents, teachers and even the media encourage us to achieve our dreams. The world sends cheesy one-liners about doing what you love. These slogans become mantras. We get high off of the idea of discarding our troubles in exchange for a carefree life full of fun and excitement that results from pursuing our passion.

Searching for our Calling
Growing up in the church, Sunday School stories like Noah’s Ark or Daniel and the Lion’s Den gradually evolved into sermons about “finding our calling” and “knowing God’s will for our lives.” We’re told that we’ll know our calling when whatever it is we’re doing taps into our natural skills and talents.

While we were created to work, it was never meant to consume us. Work should be a means to an end, but most of us treat it like it is the end. And because these things bring us joy and excitement, I assumed that living out my calling was synonymous with being happy.  So off I went, in search of my calling. I would begin each job the same way: with child-like excitement and enthusiasm. But as soon as things start to get tough or I would have to work a little harder, I would come down from my high and start to feel doubt and I would quit. I left each job with the belief that that particular career path wasn’t my “calling.”

We spend much of our lives devoting hours to earning degrees and gaining experiences that will ultimately lead us to where we hope and believe God wants us to be. In our search, we often picture ourselves living these extravagant lives as we pursue the desires that God has placed on our hearts. We want to change lives and make national news with the impact we’ve made.

However, often the image in our heads couldn’t be more different from the reality that we are living, and we end up not enjoying the work. Essentially, we’re not waking up every day loving what we do.

Coming Down from the High
When life doesn’t match the image in our heads, we begin to feel discontent, discouraged and defeated. We become so fixated on the idea that our passion should fulfill us that we lose sight of why we started in the first place. These feelings have led some to continually search for more and to stray from where God wants them to be.

As Eugene Cho writes: We live in a culture where it has become easy and tempting to simply quit. It is easier for us to move on to the next thing…the next profession, the next calling…or the next conviction. Why? Simply because we can. We live in a culture of opportunity in which we’re encouraged to try new things…If we’re not careful…we’ll shrug off our responsibility of owning our decisions and pursuing our convictions.

In other words, we would rather quit than continue to press on into the unknown. As a result, many of us choose a different path, convincing ourselves that what we initially set out to do was never our passion to begin with when really, we’re just too afraid to finish what we started. While we might believe that where we are isn’t where we should be, it could be exactly where God wants us to be.

In this way, we let work dictate our choices and sometimes our emotions. In turn, we place our jobs on a pedestal and treat work as an idol. We let work rule our lives and forget the One who rules over us.

No Perfect Fit
In pursuing our passions, many of us move from job to job until we’re able to find the “right” one. But discerning our call is not like shopping for a shoe; there is no perfect fit. By doing so, we may be neglecting God’s plan. While we might believe that where we are isn’t where we should be, it could be exactly where God wants us to be. It is in our darkest and most challenging times that He trains us to build character. (2 Corinthians 12:9-10)

Often, we’re so focused on the results that when things don’t turn out the way we had pictured, we want to give up. But if we persevere through these instances, we’re able to build up our endurance, strength and other characteristics that God wants us to use for His kingdom for “many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails” (Proverbs 19:21).

Changing the Way we Measure Ourselves
When we measure our success according to worldly standards, it’s easy for us to grow discouraged.  While we were created to work, it was never meant to consume us. Work should be a means to an end, but most of us treat it like it is the end.

Like friends, family and relationships, our work and our passions are incapable of satisfying our deepest desires and filling the void in our hearts. Oftentimes we let our passion become our identity. So when this doesn’t pan out the way we had hoped, we don’t just doubt our ability; we doubt who we are and ultimately, who we are in Christ. Rather than pursuing your passion; pursue the One who gave it to you.

The two most fundamental ways of doing this is through Scripture reading and prayer. When you pray and when the people around you pray for you, it’s amazing what can happen and how quickly your attitude and your perspectives change for: “when we work, we work but when we pray, God works” (author unknown).