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Don’t Be Proud of Your Busyness

By CBMC International
• December 18, 2014

dont-be-proud-of-busynessPicture this. You walk into a corporate office, a maze of cubicles and conference rooms. In the middle of a Tuesday afternoon, the cubicles are full of gravely serious employees, staring at balance sheets and engaged in low-toned telephone conversations. Their shoulders slump under a burden of worry, the weight of a company’s performance resting on them.

In the corner offices, meanwhile, carefree executives chat about evening plans while they take their afternoon break. After all, the workday ends in a few hours and it will be time to leave the office at the office. After a few minutes, they glance at their watches and head back to their desks. Along the way, the COO chuckles and shakes her head when the president lobs a foam ball into the CFO’s office.

What’s wrong with this picture?

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