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CBMC Training & Vision Casting, Madagascar

By CBMC International
• August 11, 2017

August 3-5, 2017 – Masimba Chimwara, Chairman CBMC Africa shares highlights of his time with the CBMC Madagascar Team. He and Frik van Rensburg from CBMC South Africa spent 3 days in Antananarivo to encourage the team in their strategic planning and training.

“We were greatly encouraged by the group of 21 attending the training on Thursday and Friday which included new members. The group consisted of business men and women and a significant group of young people (students, graduates and young professionals).

The training covered the following areas: CBMC Orientation, Connect 3, Marketplace Ambassadors, and Discipleship.

On the last day the leaders had a Strategic Planning Session which outlined their immediate actions and also to ensure they grow the ministry over the next 2 years. Some exciting outcomes of the Strategic Planning sessions included: to grow from 1 to 5 teams of which one will be a ‘young professionals’ team; a leadership team was selected; to translate the Operation Timothy (OT) booklet from English to Malagasy. We are thankful that a donation of funds was given to enable the printing of OT book 1.

Please pray with us that God would raise up men and women to assist with funds needed to continue to grow and support this ministry in Madagascar.

We praise God for our timely visit, for the committed men throughout the years and for the NEW men and women He has brought into the ministry. Over the years we have planted and watered; now we eagerly trust God to grow it. We are thankful to CBMC SA and CBMC International for financing this mission. What a privilege it is for us to invest time, talents and treasure into building His Kingdom!”