CBMC Outreach In Mongolia

Peter Kling, Brian Harmon and John Stupar from CBMC Orange County California, returned in July, 2017 for a second visit to Mongolia. This year they took with them three men from Evangelical Free Church in Fullerton, Alan Bond, David Watson, and David Chang.
The primary purpose of the trip was to mentor, counsel, train and disciple a small group of men who would constitute the leadership team of the first Mongolian Christian Men’s Group, which we pray and trust will become CBMC Mongolia.
At our first mentoring meeting, 20 people attended and each gave a five-minute testimony. Peter Kling and Saina, our host, discussed with the group what we were planning to cover in the next seven days. They made some suggestions of topics they would like us to discuss with them. This was a great time of
investing in the lives of these courageous Ambassadors, helping them catch the vision of reconciling and transforming their marketplace for Christ. 
Steve Garrison also shared a talk on how business people can interact with customers and investors in a godly way. This was of great encouragement to these people.

A few highlights below:

Mentoring Around The Table

We visited with Basankhuu Oktyabri in his office in Parliament to share the good news of becoming a Marketplace Ambassador.

Courageous Marketplace Ambassadors from Mongolia and USA

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