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CBMC Bangladesh

By Testimony from Kent Kusel
• March 8, 2022

CBMC Bangladesh is celebrating the growth of Connect3 Teams in their country. Kent Kusel, a long-time CBMCer in the USA traveled to Dhaka, Bangladesh during ...

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Pray For Ukraine

By John Stonestreet w/ Dr. Timothy D. Padgett
• February 25, 2022

Two days ago, we talked about the rumors of war, fearing that the peace long enjoyed in the West could be broken. That fear has ...

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Meet Our Chairman of the Board, Paul Jennings

By CBMC International
• November 2, 2021

On September 15, 2021, Paul Jennings, Board Director from CBMC South Africa, was elected as Chairman of the CBMC International Board of Directors. Paul was ...

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The Crisis in Afghanistan and Human’s Capacity for Evil

By John Stonestreet w/ Kasey Leander
• August 25, 2021

The American withdrawal from Afghanistan is forcing us to consider, again, humanity’s incredible capacity for perpetuating evil. President Biden’s rationalizations cannot hide the many painful ...

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Why The Greatest Gift The Church Can Give Us Right Now Is Forgiveness

By John Stonestreet, with Shane Morris
• July 6, 2021

The term cancel culture evokes images of screaming undergrads, deplatformed speakers, fired employees, and demanding protesters. However, the cancel culture ethic doesn’t simply exist “out ...

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“Peace and Security” for the Ancient Church in Iraq?

By John Stonestreet, with Roberto Rivera
• March 15, 2021

A recent four-day visit by Pope Francis to Iraq was bound to attract attention, given that he is the Pope and Iraq is, well, Iraq.  ...

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Persecution and Failed States Go Hand in Hand

By John Stonestreet, with Roberto Rivera
• March 4, 2021

In just the last few weeks, two mass kidnappings took place, both at schools in northwestern Nigeria. In the first, “unidentified gunmen” attacked a boarding ...

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Critical Race Theory and a Christian Worldview

By John Stonestreet, with Timothy D. Padgett
• February 11, 2021

Francis Schaeffer described how ideas escape the ivory towers of universities and think tanks eventually to shape how ordinary people think, speak, and view their ...

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Why Defining Justice is Necessary for Doing Justice

By John Stonestreet, with David Carlson
• February 8, 2021

One of the more memorable lines written by C. S. Lewis has to do with whether or not a sense of morality is innate to ...

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Proverbs: The Wisdom We Need Right Now (and Always)

By John Stonestreet
• February 2, 2021

The more 2021 resembles 2020, the more Christians should be grounded in those unchanging truths given us in Scripture. We must rest on those revelations ...

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Election Results and Jesus’ Prayer for Unity

By John Stonestreet
• November 4, 2020

This may or may not have been, as many pundits claimed, the “most important election of our lifetimes,” but it certainly has been the most ...

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This Isn’t A “Lost Year”

By John Stonestreet
• September 17, 2020

Buzzfeed News is running a series of feature stories this month called “The Lost Year,” featuring profiles of how six people, of different ages and ...

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