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Business Ministry Training In Malaga, Spain

By CBMC International
• November 16, 2016

October 27-30, 2016 — A total of 30 participants from 19 nations attended the Business Ministry Training in Malaga, Spain.  Topics covered included Connect3 Teams, Building Spiritual Reproducers and CBMC Coaching — this was a great time, with excellent training!  This was the first CBMC/Business Ministry Training held in Europe.

From this group, 20 from 14 nations will participate in the 8-week follow-up training. We praise God for such an impact of His Kingdom in the European marketplace.

Thanks to the lecturers and to Abraham Maldonado– for the wonderful hospitality and organization. — with Abraham Maldonado, Wouter Droppers, Daga Jak, Dragica Kisilak, Stefan Nikolic, Cheryl Lloyd Balinski, Joosia Miettinen, Hasmik Israyelyan, Armen Shahbazyan, Sami Niemi, Mike Steve D’Silva, Marcos Lidon and Paul Johnson in Benalmádena, Spain.