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The ‘10,000-Hour Rule’ Jim Mathis   I recently served as an usher at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts in Kansas City, Missouri, U.S.A. The special guest soloist was Joshua Bell, one of the best – If not the best – violinists in the world. Many people have observed that seeing him in concert … Read more

Having The Right Tools Jim Mathis When I was about 12 years old, my father took me to a hardware store to buy my first set of real tools. Among the first items I acquired were needle-nose pliers. They came with a lecture from my dad that he had already given me many times about … Read more

Celebrating Entrepreneurship Jim Mathis Recently I had the opportunity to speak to an entrepreneurs’ class at a local university, as well as to a group of eighth graders at a school career day. I told both groups that less than 200 years ago, the majority of people were entrepreneurs. Many were farmers, ranchers or herds-people; … Read more

Eighth-Grade Principles For Any Stage of Life Jim Mathis Recently I had the opportunity to speak on “career day” to a group of eighth graders at a middle school in our area. This might have been the most important thing I did that month, or perhaps all year. Being a professional photographer, I talked to … Read more

LIFE IS DIFFICULT, BUT LIFE ALSO IS GOOD By Jim Mathis Life is difficult. This is a basic fact and the sooner we can come to accept and appreciate that reality, the better off and happier we will be. Let me explain. If we know life is hard, that it is inevitable we will face … Read more

DO NOT ALLOW FEAR TO DISABLE YOU By Jim Mathis A neighbor of mine during my childhood, Bill Moore, died recently. He was 97. Bill lived across the road from us during the entire time I was growing up. For several years Bill rented land from my family to use as a pasture for some … Read more

Since I have enjoyed a successful career in photography and it consumes many of my waking hours, I often find myself viewing work and everyday life through the eyes of a photographer. For example: the current fixation on pixels – megapixels, that is – the standard of measure for digital photography. I recently bought a … Read more

In the 1880’s, George Eastman invented a process for applying a photographic emulsion to flexible film. He soon brought out a simple camera he called “The Kodak” to take advantage of this new photographic film. This little camera changed the world by allowing anyone to take pictures and, in the process, gave birth to the … Read more

When color photography began taking over black-and- white in the 1950s and ‘60s, experts knew a secret few other people knew: Unlike black-and-white photography, color film and paper were not permanent. (This is one reason my business consisted of exclusively black and white photographs for many years.) Today, 30, 40 and 50 years later, we … Read more

One of the startling realities of life is how quickly time passes. Children grow up and people get old in what seems like an instant. Realizing your friend’s little girl has been married for twelve years or that your “new car” is eight years old always comes as a shock. You start working for a … Read more

In the 1970s the photo processing and printing company my wife and I owned was one of the first to buy a Kodak Royalprint print processor. Since copying and restoring old photos was a big part of our business even then, I quickly figured out how to sepia-tone (brown-tinted) photos using the processor. A few … Read more

Several few years ago we needed to have some carpet replaced in our home. My wife and I hired a company that came highly recommended, and we paid a premium price for the new carpet and the work. When the installers were done, my wife almost cried because the room looked so bad.  I assured … Read more