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Pestilence Confronted: No Fear

Pestilence Confronted: No Fear of Covid Everyday we hear numerous reports in newspapers and on television news programs that Covid cases are rising in this state or this country. Since we […]

Pestilence Confronted: Jars of Clay

Pestilence Confronted: “Jars of Clay…” This week at our CBMC team meeting one of our members shared how he was experiencing some “anxious times” and going through difficulties that were not […]

The Unshakeable Kingdom

…my Kingdom is not of this world.”  John 18:36 The “virus” has become the dominant concern and source of anxiety among people everywhere. I live in the United States, arguably the […]

Treasures In Heaven

“…but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven.” (Matthew 6:20) There are always people in need near us if we are willing to look carefully. But now, during this “virus,” […]