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Marketplace Ambassador Video Update – October 2023

By CBMC International President
• October 15, 2023

Marketplace Ambassadors for Christ,

What a Q3 for CBMC International! A broadening influence in the global marketplace, a World Convention of thousands, and Christ magnified! 

CBMC is on the frontlines of the 21st century’s greatest mission field, and as a supporter, you have a part in it. We pray that this video will remind you that you are devoted to something worldwide and powerful!

We ask that you join us in united prayer for peace, repentance, and an end to the violence, enveloping Israel and all involved. We pray for the hope found only in Jesus Christ to enlighten hearts in the Middle East, bringing Shalom and unity. We humbly ask for divine protection over Israel and its people, trusting for a cessation and repentance of violence from those who perpetrate it.

In Christ,

Chris Simpson
President, CBMC International

A Movement of Salt and Light…to the ends of the Earth.  Acts 1:8  Watch Video