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By Testimony from Kent Kusel
• March 8, 2022

CBMC Bangladesh is celebrating the growth of Connect3 Teams in their country. Kent Kusel, a long-time CBMCer in the USA traveled to Dhaka, Bangladesh during the days of February 23-26. Here is his testimony. The Lord really blessed our time in Dhaka last week. First we conducted Connect 3 training to their leadership team of 10 people. It was very well received and the new training is excellent and the workbook is a nice companion. I think they finally get what a Connect 3 team looks like.

We also had a dinner for CBMC with 51 people in attendance where we showed the video greeting and encouragement from Jim Firnstahl, CBMC International president. The video helped them understand the 10x vision and it helped reinforce the awards for those who completed Operation Timothy (OT). Afterwards we had 5 people come up who want to go thru OT themselves. We also have 5 other people in process so I am hoping next year to have some more new disciplemakers.

Gerald Ripon Das and King Kong Roy were so excited that they setup a Zoom call with the PAC leadership team where I participated on Thursday night. They too were quite excited and were inspired to learn how Dhaka is more engaged with Operation Timothy.

Below are photos from the events. We praise God for His faithfulness to expand His Kingdom through CBMC in Bangladesh. Pray with us for strength and wisdom for these leaders.