You are the Light of the World

The Covid 19 pestilence will have long-lasting impact even beyond the suffering it brings now. Our lives are being turned upside down by sickness, death, quarantine and business shutdowns. Yet we have one, Jesus Christ, who has overcome the world and its pestilence (John 16:33). 

As Christ-followers and CBMC marketplace ambassadors, let us be determined to use this period (however long) wisely for the kingdom of heaven. This is a time for each of us to understand, once and for all, that our joy comes from above, from God, not from earthly circumstances and success here. (James 1:16-18) The more we can live with this deep truth, the brighter our lights will shine (Matthew 5:14).

Personally, I am trying to see each day as an opportunity to reach out to family, friends, neighbors and colleagues in the marketplace – just one or two people everyday. Some of them I have not spoken to in many months.  Everyone I speak with appreciates this contact. They know I cared enough to reach out to them. 

I have already had opportunities to pray with and for friends who do not know Jesus. It helps and encourages them and points them to “the way, the truth and life” (John 14:6). Somehow these conversations give them hope which the world cannot give. We give each other hope when we live and share the love of Christ (I Corinthians 13). Give it a try; especially during this Easter Season as colleagues, friends and family may be searching for answers.



Global Prayer Points

Join us in prayer this week for the following requests from our Global Leadership:

Africa: The virus has created serious viability challenges for African small businesses. Pray that these pressures do not lead to business closures, and serious stressful challenges for the entrepreneurs.

Europe: Pray for Europartners as we are preparing for the next decade and for after Coronavirus.

Latin America: Pray for wisdom as various new initiatives are launched to support, encourage and equip the CBMC family and leaders in the region.
North America: Pray that Christian leaders would take the challenge to lead other leaders who need Jesus. Also for the finances that are needed to do ministry here in Canada.

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