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Will/Revocable Trust | CBMC International
Will/Revocable Trust

Donations made through a will or a revocable trust, bequests to CBMC International offer you a charitable tax deduction for the value of the gift. Best of all, it is the gift of knowing that your generosity will support the Marketplace Ministry of CBMC International for years to come.

Donors who would like to make a gift to CBMC International must take into account special considerations. The most common concern is that a cash gift now will leave them short of future income. For these donors, a bequest is often the most realistic option for making a significant contribution while maintaining financial security for their future.

The most common types of bequests are:

Specific bequest, in which CBMC International would receive a specified dollar amount or stated fraction of the estate.

Residual bequest, in which CBMC International would receive all or a percentage of the remainder of a donor’s estate after other specific bequests, debts, taxes and expenses have been paid.

Contingent bequest, in which CBMC International would receive all or a share of the estate only in the event of the prior death of other named beneficiaries.

Trust remainder bequest, in which named beneficiaries receive income from a trust established in the will. Upon the death of the surviving beneficiaries, all or part of the principal will be gifted to CBMC International.