Troubled Hearts

Despite a year-long battle to prevent infections and vaccinate populations, the virus is mutating into new strains with higher infection rates. Most of us hoped by this time that Covid would be under control with a decreasing threat, but this has not happened. Moreover, in my country (USA) the combination of Covid concerns, economic uncertainty from mandated lockdowns and the political turmoil of a Presidential election is overwhelming to many. The status quo has been so seriously challenged that many people wondered if normal can ever return. The truth is, for people who seek peace and comfort in worldly circumstances, the situation is quite bleak at the moment.

Perhaps from a practical point of view, as business and professionals, we can and should assess our situation honestly and begin to plan two or three next steps which have a chance of success when things improve. In my business background I can recall numerous times when difficulty became opportunity, so I would encourage each of us to be patient and keep asking, seeking and knocking.

On the other hand as a Christ-follower, I know we all have limitations and circumstances can over-power anyone. On the night He was to be arrested, during the last supper with his disciples (apostles); Jesus told them He was going to leave and go somewhere they could not come (John 13:33,36). They were deeply troubled and could not believe what they were hearing, circumstances were beginning to over-power them.

Jesus said this: “Let not your hearts be troubled. Believe (trust) in God; believe also in me (John 14:1-4).”

Re-read those words carefully. Those who follow Jesus know that Jesus’ life was an example of trusting God. Jesus faced many difficult trials and His trust in His father, God almighty, is a powerful witness. I pray that the trials and troubles of Covid might become an opportunity for each of us to follow Jesus and learn what it means to trust in God and “let not your hearts be troubled.”