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The Year Of Preparation
The Year Of Preparation

Our local faith gathering (church) wonderfully promotes the idea of a “word for the year” to emphasize a simple approach to goals and life. The idea is this: What is the one thing that could make the greatest difference, help or improvement in your life right now?  WIN: What’s important now? Ask God to direct you find to this word and then listen. Last year, 2015, my word was “preparation.” Over the course of 2015, I received preparation for:

— more love;
— more resources;
— more contribution;
— more influence;
— more peace;
— more wisdom;
— more productivity;
— more transformation;
— more gratefulness;
— more glory to God;
— more joy.

My word (WIN) for 2016 is “glory.” I am anticipating new insight in living for God’s glory in 2016.

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