Chris Yoo

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After earning his Master of Divinity from Torch Trinity Graduate School in Seoul in 2018, Director Yoo founded “Love in Us” in 2010, a Christian overseas mission NGO dedicated to building around 20 church and school buildings in Southeast Asia and Africa. He also holds an M.B.A. from Yonsei University and has four years of … Read more

David Chang

david chang

In his career, which has spanned across companies such as GE, ITT, Xerox, NYNEX, and IBM, Director David Chang has sought to excel not just in business but in a manner that embodies a Christ-centered ethos. His education at Carnegie-Mellon and Columbia University in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and Business has been foundational for his … Read more

Richard Samuel

A lover of God’s Word – enjoys studying and teaching it, and seeing it transform lives, giving hope and new beginnings. Counsels and Co-labours with CBMC, ministering to Individuals, families, Businesses and Organisations asking them the Eternity Question! And is convinced that the question of Serving God or Mammon (Mathew 6:24) is the most critical issue facing every Christ follower today.  Is part of a Healing community that seeks to embrace – the wounded, the forgotten, the discarded and the destitute. … Read more

Erenia Mendoza

Erenia Mendoza is the Director of CBMC Brazil and a member of the CBMC’s Executive Committee for Latin America. She was born in Nicaragua, but grew up in Brazil, lived several years in Mexico, having moved back to Brazil in 2020. Although she graduated from Law School, she dedicated her entire career to the Entertainment … Read more

Omeno W. Suji

Omeno Suji holds a Master of Arts degree in Development Communication from Daystar University and a double major undergraduate degree in Education and Business Administration from Messiah College, Daystar University. He is a social development expert and an entrepreneur researcher who runs an MSME consulting company called Beryl Consult Limited based in Nairobi Kenya but … Read more

Joseph Li

Joseph Li is CFO and Director of Human Resources for a consulting and human resources business he stared, Enoch International Company, Ltd. in Macau. He is a founding member of CBMC Macau (1999), officially registering it as a non-profit making Association in 2000. He has served as Treasurer for the CBMC Asia-Pacific Board since 2018. … Read more

Christopher Simpson

chris simpson cbmc president

Chris is dedicated to fostering a bold and triumphant Christian faith within the global marketplace, driven by a deep conviction in the Gospel’s transformative power. Before being selected to lead CBMC International, Chris dedicated 28 years to a distinguished career in the public sector.  As a Commanding Officer in the U.S. Marine Corps, he led … Read more

Harm Engelbrecht

Harm was born in Cape Town, South Africa in 1966 and has lived there all his life. After secondary school he studied Agricultural Economics, but eventually qualified as Marketing Manager. He joined CBMC South Africa in 2007 and started working part time for CBMC in 2011, after working mostly in the agricultural, manufacturing and hospitality … Read more

Jeff Goldfarb

Jeff worked for Jacobs, a major global engineering and consulting firm, for 23 years. He was Senior VP – Corporate Development, where he worked on some of the largest, most impactful transactions in company and Industry history. He now has his own business, focused on consulting, mentoring, ministry, and Board roles. He has been active … Read more

David Meyers

David Meyers serves as President of CBMC USA. David has spent over 35 years building successful businesses and working in areas of Sales, Marketing, Channel, Strategic Planning, and Learning and Development. David is a product of CBMC and believes that the next great revival will occur in the marketplace. When he’s not water skiing, he’s … Read more

Roger Emerson

Roger is a founder and co-managing partner of a law firm specializing in intellectual property law. He completed an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering and a law degree from the University of Akron. He has won various business and academic awards including business growth awards, Honored Alumni awards from the University of Akron Honors College … Read more

Jeyasuresh Jayaraj

Jeyasuresh Jayaraj is the Chairman of the Jayaraj Group. The Jayaraj Group is one of the largest dealers of Earth-moving and Construction Equipment in India. It is also involved in the Automobile and Farm Equipment dealerships, farming, hospitality and transport business. Jeyasuresh is also the Managing Trustee of Keswick Public School, Jayland School and the … Read more