Young Key Shim

Global Leadership Team | South Korea

Young Kee has a Ph.D in Organic Chemistry from UC Davis, 1985; a Postdoctoral fellow at Princeton University, 1987.
He is a Principal Researcher at KRICT (Korea research Institute of Chemical Technology). He joined CBMC in 1987 and led 5 teams in Daejon City.
Professor at Inje University, teaching organic chemistry, 2003; established and led new CBMC committee in Busan city and discipled 5 Timothy.
Director of Education and Training of KCBMC, 2018; established and led new CBMC committee in Paju city; leading 5 Timothys.
He established the Vision School, Leadership School and Family School.
He became President of KCBMC in 2019; additionally leading together with his wife, 3 teams of married couples.
He has been married to Jinsook for 40 years with 4 adult sons (3 married, 1 in graduate school in USA), and 5 grandchildren.
Currently he is CEO; INH (Supplement manufacturing/sales company) since 2006; an Honorary professor at Inje University and Ordained pastor.