Pestilence Confronted: The Greatest Vaccine

People have begun to anticipate the coming of a Covid 19 vaccine which they believe will bring an end to the long trial of the pandemic. They are hopeful and already many are talking about a return to more normal times. During the recent Thanksgiving celebration in the USA we saw a dramatic increase in people wanting to travel to be with family and friends. One wonders if the talk of a vaccine contributed in helping people feel more confident that the risks of Covid will soon be reduced. Nevertheless, experts warn that real relief form the pandemic is still six months to a year away.   

The Advent (from the Latin word “adventus” meaning “coming”) of the birth of Jesus Christ began Sunday. For most people on earth this event did not have the same impact as the “advent” of the Covid vaccine. Most may not even be aware it has occurred. Yet as Christ-followers, we know its impact is infinitely greater for the human race and it has eternal consequences.  

The consequences of the Covid vaccine are quite limited and extend to one virus in a relatively short period of time in history. And soon most of us (except those who suffered with it or lost a loved one) will forget its year long story and the way it temporarily changed our lives. 

However, the consequences of the “Advent” of Christ will impact every human ever born. Put simply: to receive this child of God as one’s Savior means eternal life; to reject the child means certain eternal death and damnation. Jesus is the only vaccine that can save us from the disease of our sins and the “sting” of death; giving us deliverance into life with God.  

As the prophet Isaiah clearly spoke “Behold the virgin (Mary) shall conceive and bear a son, and they shall call his name Immanuel” (meaning God with us; Matthew 1:23). 

When the topic of the Covid vaccine comes up…Lord help us to find a way in all humility and love to share the goods news of the greatest vaccine of all, the Advent of the world’s only Savior. 


Global Prayer Points

As we seek to see our marketplace transformed by the Gospel, join us in prayer this week for the following requests from our Global Leadership. 

Africa: Pray for greater Kingdom impact through CBMC in Kasoa, Ghana and for our CBMC Nigeria brothers and sisters during this difficult time of unrest. Pray for the translation teams working on translating Operation Timothy into Portuguese and Arabic.

Asia/Pacific: Pray for the translation of Operation Timothy to Khmer, the language of Cambodia.

Europe: Specific prayer requests can be sent to [email protected]

Latin America: Pray for good follow-up from the Transcende 2020 virtual conference hosted earlier by CBMC Mexico and the speakers from Latin America.
North America: Pray for establishing an e-CBMC (next generation) in North America Korean CBMC. Pray that Christian leaders would take the challenge to lead other leaders who need Jesus.

If you have a prayer request, please send an email to CBMC International.