Pestilence Confronted: “Bring them here to me…”

Pestilence Confronted: “Bring them here to me…”   Matthew 14:13-21
Recently my wife Emily and I took a vacation road trip of over 2,000 miles driving from our home in Arizona to Minnesota. It took 3 full days and it gave us a chance to see how people in other cities were living during Covid. We were surprised to see that hotels and restaurants were quite empty and even the highways were fairly easy to navigate with little traffic.
I noticed that most people were comfortable speaking about Covid and its impact on their lives. Clearly they are tired of the Covid routine and the changes it has brought. It all seems to resemble a bad movie that you paid to see but now you want to leave early and cannot. There is no way out, you must stay until the end. What is next and when will it end? No one seems to know. Now what?
Jesus’ miracles speak to his unusual power over circumstances. Once when he had been healing the people and teaching them all day, evening came they had no food to give the people. What to do? Send them away to a nearby village to get food? They only had five loaves of bread and two fish and there were over 5,000 people. But Jesus said no!
“They need not go away, you give them something to eat.
“Bring them (bread and fish) here to me.”
And the entire crowd was fed with much left over.
The simple lesson for us: When faced with God-sized and unsolvable problems in life and ministry, bring them all to Jesus.
Jim Firnstahl

Global Prayer Points

As we seek to see our marketplace transformed by the Gospel, join us in prayer this week for the following requests from our Global Leadership.
Africa: Pray for the growth of CBMC in Africa, even during these challenging days.
Asia/Pacific: Pray that the virus will not continue especially in India, Bangladesh and Indonesia. Pray for the translation of Operation Timothy to Khmer, the language of Cambodia.
Europe: Pray that our work will bear fruit and bring many business leaders to Christ. Specific prayer requests can be sent to [email protected]
Latin America: Pray for protection and healing of CBMC families and team members who are in Brazil and Mexico, continued ‘hot spots’ of the pandemic.
North America: Pray for establishing an e-CBMC (next generation) in North America Korean CBMC. Pray that Christian leaders would take the challenge to lead other leaders who need Jesus.
If you have a prayer request, please send an email to CBMC International.
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