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Monday Morning Atheist, (Doug Spada)


Read a sample of: Monday Morning Atheist, Why We Switch God Off at Work

Book Review by Jim Firnstahl

You should find this short book easy to read and its theme immanently identifiable. It is ideal for small groups because of its excellent companion materials.

The book’s main thesis is that Christians, even well meaning authentic Christ-followers, are guilty of “switching” off God on Monday when they begin work. This highly practical and helpful guide wants to help Christians over-come the effects of centuries of false and unnecessary sacred-secular gap teaching and promotion. In fact our real work is where God has called and placed us.

For the majority of us in the 21st Century, this is the marketplace. Thus it is our vocation or call from God; it is our mission field and our cross. We ought to expect our local church experience to be primarily about equipping us for this very purpose. We need this support because work is not easy given the sinfulness of humanity. And yet, we are responsible for positioning ourselves there as “salt” and “light” (divine flavoring and illumination) to help others begin to see the glory of God and His kingdom (Matt. 5:13-16).

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