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Life Income Gifts | CBMC International
Life Income Gifts

Perhaps you desire to support CBMC International, but worry about having enough income for yourself and your family. Life-income gifts, such as gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts, and other estate planning tools can provide a lifetime income stream, significant tax savings, and the satisfaction of giving CBMC International necessary long-term resources. Life Income gifts enable you, your beneficiary, or both, to receive a guaranteed income for life and make a lasting gift to CBMC International.

To create a life-income gift, you make an irrevocable gift of cash, securities, real estate or other property to CBMC International. We pay you an income stream in return. After your lifetime and/or the lifetime(s) of your designated beneficiaries, the remaining balance is used to support CBMC International.

You are eligible to receive an income tax charitable deduction the year you make your gift. In addition, you may make a life-income gift through your will to benefit a friend or relative and ultimately support CBMC International.

Benefits Include:

  • Receive Regular Income – Receive regular income payments for life (or term of years).
  • Immediate Tax Savings – Receive an income tax charitable deduction in the year you make the gift.
  • Save on Estate Taxes – Reduce or perhaps eliminate federal estate taxes
  • Save on Capital Gain Taxes – Avoid or reduce your capital gain taxes if you fund your gift with an appreciated asset.
  • Professional Investment Services – Have access to professional investment services.
  • Leave a Legacy – Your gift will help proclaim the Gospel in the Marketplace well into the future.

Gifts of Retirement Plan Benefits:

Tax deferred retirement plan benefits are excellent sources of retirement income, but are not always the best choice for making gifts to heirs. Because retirement plan benefits are subject to both estate and income tax you may consider the benefits of using them to make a significant gift to CBMC International. Donors are surprised to learn that their retirement plan assets (IRA), 401(k), KEOGH, or other qualified profit sharing or pension plans may be subject to as much as 40% combined tax. Through careful planning, you can preserve the value of your retirement assets by using them to support CBMC International. This will allow you, not the government, to choose how a measurable portion of your lifetime savings is used.