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Dr. Luis Palau | CBMC International
Dr. Luis Palau

Council of References Member


Miscellaneous Information

Luis Palau has preached the Good News to over 1 billion people around the world. Raised in an affluent home in Argentina, Luis trusted Christ as a child.

He became a successful executive before he felt God calling him to seminary in the United States where his passion for evangelism grew. He and his wife began building an evangelistic team and aiding other evangelists, including interpreting for Billy Graham, a primary influence on Luis’ own ministry, Luis Palau Ministries.

Eventually his team received invitations to evangelize throughout the world, and not until the 1990’s did Luis focus on the United States. He, with a multitude of other faithful staff, now lead evangelistic crusades all over the world that have attracted over 4.5 million people since 1999.

He credits his sons for helping him realize how much evangelism needs a fresh, modern approach if it is to communicate the claims of Christ in contemporary society.

He and his wife, Patricia, have three sons.