Funds Development is a priority activity of CBMC International. It is integral to our “harvest” mission as it gives “laborers” the opportunity to join this Kingdom activity as they give financial gifts. It is our desire to build a Funds Development program that honors God in every way. We believe the very purpose of this program should be to fulfill His Biblical mandate (“make disciples of all nations”) by ensuring proper resources for His Kingdom work on earth; and to help align the hearts of God’s people with His Kingdom purposes. Therefore, we will honor the work and sacrifice of all donors, pray for them and help them become good stewards of His resources.

We will honor our donors by following four principles:
1. Clear and specific examples about the investment opportunities including how the donated funds will be used;
2. A willingness to challenge potential donors/investors to give to the basic work of CBMC ministry;
3. Honest and frequent communications (monthly) with donor/investors about how their gifts are being used by God to change lives;
4. Offer them opportunities to also use their time and talents by becoming involved in CBMC ministry.

If you have questions, please contact us by email at [email protected] or call 520-334-1114.