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CBMC World Convention 2014 | CBMC International
CBMC World Convention 2014


September 24-28, 2014
Orlando, Florida
Marriott World Center

World Convention is coming to America. In the fall of 2014, Christian men and women from around the globe will head for the United States. “Imagine the largest gathering ever of God’s servants in the marketplace; that is what I’m so excited about,” said CBMC International President Jim Firnstahl.

The first-ever CBMC World Convention took place in 1977 in Seoul, Korea. Since then, Scotland, Canada, Australia, Germany, the U.S., and Singapore have all been host countries for World Conventions.

CBMC President Lee Truax hailed the decision to bring the convention back to the United States, as “beyond wonderful, because this is a unique collaborative time in the history of CBMC.” He added, “To see this 82-year-old ministry pulling together fueled by the unified mission and vision to reach the world at-large is testimony to the fact that the Holy Spirit is fully engaged.”

Lee issued a charge to every CBMC network member to come and be a part of this magnificent gathering. “I guarantee you this: once you experience the global impact of this ministry you are a part of, you will be equipped to go back to your city or town with a renewed spirit, more excited and more passionate about your local mission than you can even possibly imagine.” He quickly added, “But please don’t take my word for it. Plan to be a part of this global excitement and be blessed by the world of CBMC!”

Speakers and agenda are still uncertain.  Watch for additional information here on the website.

“If you want to truly experience the power of CBMC, I want to encourage you to come and engage worldwide marketplace ministry at its finest,” concluded Firnstahl. 

Excerpted from CBMC-USA