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Philosophy of Development | CBMC International
Philosophy of Development

Philosophy of Development

CBMC International’s approach to the Ministry of Development will be all about glorifying God and making Christ known.

Our vision of ministry will be reflected and multiplied through Development.

We will Experience the Power of One God through prayer and dependence upon Him to supply our need. Our work should draw people to a closer walk with the Lord.

We will Experience the Value of One Man by appreciating all who are involved in CBMC International and who giving to the Lord’s work through CBMC International.

We will Experience the Leverage of One Team by working together, both nationally and locally, to carry out the mission of Development for CBMC International.

Our Development activity will demonstrate our core values:

  1. Preeminence of Christ (Colossians 1: 27-28)
    We will keep Christ first in everything we do. Prayer is foundational and dependence on the Lord to supply our needs is paramount. This will keep us mobile, by allowing us to follow the Lord’s direction and hold loosely our plans and methods. Development is an opportunity to minister to people and help them walk closer with Christ.
  2. Life-on-Life Relationships (1 Thessalonians 2:8)
    Development is all about relationships. We value people for who they are, not for what they can give. We seek to minister to the needs of people, trusting that, out of changed lives, God will provide resources.
  3. Teams (Ecclesiastes 4: 9, 12)
    Development in CBMC is a team function, and everyone involved in the ministry should have a part in the process. We will strive to work together with all of those involved in the ministry, cooperating both nationally and locally.
  4. Generational Spiritual Reproduction (2 Timothy 2:2; Isaiah 60: 22)
    The purpose of Development is to see that ministry and individuals are fruitful in taking Christ to the marketplace. Our projects and internal needs will serve this vision for spiritual reproduction.

We are an associate member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.

We adhere to the ECFA’s standards for membership.