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  1. 100 People : A World Portrait

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    The world population has now reached 7 billion people. This milestone inspired us to conduct research to update our statistics, and the changes over the past 5 years are remarkable. In 2006, only 1 person out of 100 would have had a college education– today that number has jumped to 7 thanks in part to advances in higher education in Asia. The detailed research and source information can be found here and the statistics provided by Donella Meadows in 1990 that originally inspired our project can be viewed here.

    If the World were 100 PEOPLE:

    50 would be female
    50 would be male

    26 would be children
    There would be 74 adults,
    8 of whom would be 65 and older

    There would be:
    60 Asians
    15 Africans
    14 people from the Americas
    11 Europeans

    33 Christians
    22 Muslims
    14 Hindus
    7 Buddhists
    12 people who practice other religions
    12 people who would not be aligned with a religion

    12 would speak Chinese
    5 would speak Spanish
    5 would speak English
    3 would speak Arabic
    3 would speak Hindi
    3 would speak Bengali
    3 would speak Portuguese
    2 would speak Russian
    2 would speak Japanese
    62 would speak other languages

    83 would be able to read and write; 17 would not

    7 would have a college degree
    22 would own or share a computer

    77 people would have a place to shelter them
    from the wind and the rain, but 23 would not

    1 would be dying of starvation
    15 would be undernourished
    21 would be overweight

    87 would have access to safe drinking water
    13 people would have no clean, safe water to drink

    Sources: 2012 – Fritz Erickson, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Ferris State University (Formerly Dean of Professional and Graduate Studies, University of Wisconsin – Green Bay) and John A. Vonk, University of Northern Colorado, 2006; Returning Peace Corps Volunteers of Madison Wisconsin, Unheard Voices: Celebrating Cultures from the Developing World, 1992; Donella H. Meadows, The Global Citizen, May 31, 1990.

  2. 8th CBMC World Convention

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    Reflecting on the last CBMC World Convention in South Korea…what an incredible gathering of 4,000 CBMC members from around the world!

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  3. CBMC International Videos

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    Business Profiles:

    Jim Firnstahl, President

    Spotlight Video Series:

    Dr. Cepeda shares his heart for evangelism and how he has seen lives transformed through Jesus Christ.


    Alex Chisanga of Zambia shares how choosing God’s way of managing business led to an incredible surprise from the government of Zambia.


    Dr. Enrique Cepeda shares with us his conviction that evangelism does not end when a person first becomes a Christian.  Evangelism is a process that starts with prayer and continues into discipleship.


    Augusto Sampedro of Venezuela shares how one business owner with over 200 staff offered on-the-clock faith-based training for their staff.


    Kumara Krupa Bachala, a publisher from India, shares how his life has been impacted by the mentoring of his CBMC brothers. He and his wife now have a thriving publishing company and a boys home for 30 boys in India.


    Wouter Dropper of the Netherlands shares his vision for reaching younger business people through the Internet.


    Bob Milligan shares the wonderful story of Steven Foo who’s mission is to provide quality work for ex-offenders.

    Steven runs a battery distribution business in Singapore, and he specifically hires former convicts as a part of his mission to make a difference in the world for Christ.


    Serene Ngee of Malaysia shares how her CBMC Bible study leader has helped her grow spiritually through sharing the truth’s of God’s word.


    Running a Human Resources firm in Russian, Julia Kim shares how CBMC has helped provide the needed balance between her business and her personal life.


    Robert Cheah Booy shares how God meets his needs–to bring the Gospel to Malaysia, and to bring a publisher for his book.


    Esther Jing Sun graduated at the top of her class. She moved to Los Angeles, USA, not knowing a single person. Listen how she met Christ and started a woman’s ministry in L.A. and Singapore.


    Safraz William of Pakistan shares how God is working in amazing ways to reach the Muslims of northern Pakistan with the good news of Jesus Christ.

  4. President’s Reading List/Library

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    J FirnstahlWelcome to My Library!

    I have developed this reading list because I think it is critically important for marketplace Christians (Christ-followers who want to live and present Christ where they are everyday) to be informed about the spiritual life as well as the world around them.

    Here you will find books written on Christian topics and topics I find interesting. Since the quest for knowledge is a perfectly godly enterprise, I think Christians should excel at it. I humbly submit my own reading list as a example of one Christ-follower’s quest to be informed and effective for the kingdom of heaven.

    The reviews written by me are so indicated. For books I deemed the most insightful and helpful, I rated either “must read” or “read.”

    J Firnstahl Signature


    I would very much like your feedback. Send me a short note on one of these books or any others you may have read, by commenting or emailing [email protected]. Please click the book title to go to its review page to comment. I look forward to our dialogue and co-quest to stay informed!

    Please select a book review from the categories listed below:

    ChristianityDangerousIdeaChristianity’s Dangerous Idea, (Alister McGrath)

    The Protestant Revolution (A History from the 16th Century to the 21st)


    JesusInBeijingJesus in Beijing, (David Aikman)

    How Christianity is Transforming China and Changing the Global Balance of Power


    WorkInTheSpiritWork in the Spirit, (Miroslav Volf)

    Toward a Theology of Work

    JerusalemBiographyJerusalem, (Simon Sebag Montefiore)

    The Biography


    GunsGermsSteelGuns, Germs, and Steel, (Jared Diamond)

    The Fates of Human Societies


    CollapseSocietyCollapse, (Jared Diamond)

    How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed


    Next100YearsThe Next 100 Years, (George Friedman)

    A Forecast for the 21st Century


    HowWestLostGodHow the West Really Lost God, (Mary Eberstadt)



    ClashCivilizationsClash of Civilizations (Samuel P. Huntington)


    MindCosmosMind and Cosmos (Thomas Nagel)


    Global Public SquareThe Global Public Square (Os Guinness)


    Second Machine AgeSecond Machine Age (Eric Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAffee)


    EconomicsGoodEvil 160x160Economics Of Good And Evil (Tomáš Sedláček)


    GodHasWonderfulPlanGod has a Wonderful Plan for Your Life, (Ray Comfort)

    The Myth of the Modern Message


    LiveToTellLive to Tell, (Brad J. Kallenberg)

    Evangelism for a Postmodern Age


    TheNextChristiansThe NEXT Christians, (Gabe Lyons)

    7 Ways You Can Live the Gospel and Restore the World


    AllPrayersAll the Prayers of the Bible, (Herbert Lockyer)

    A Devotional and Expositional Classic


    DrawTheCircleDraw the Circle, (Mark Batterson)

    The 40-Day Prayer Challenge


    TheCircleMakerThe Circle Maker, (Mark Batterson)

    Praying Circles Around Your Biggest Dreams and Greatest Fears


    LeadershipSecretsBillyGrahamThe Leadership Secrets of Billy Graham (Harold Myra & Marshall Shelley)


    ReinventingYourBoardReinventing Your Board (John & Miriam Carver)


    OnBoardLeadershipJohn Carver on Board Leadership (John Carver w/ Sir Adrian Cadbury)


    BonhoefferBonhoeffer, (Eric Metaxas)

    Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy; A Righteous Gentile vs. the Third Reich