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  1. Christianity’s Dangerous Idea, (Alister McGrath)

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    Read a sample of: Christianity’s Dangerous Idea, The Protestant Revolution

    A New Interpretation of Protestantism and Its Impact on the World

    The radical idea that individuals could interpret the Bible for themselves spawned a revolution that is still being played out on the world stage today. This innovation lies at the heart of Protestantism’s remarkable instability and adaptability. World-renowned scholar Alister McGrath sheds new light on the fascinating figures and movements that continue to inspire debate and division across the full spectrum of Protestant churches and communities worldwide.

  2. Work in the Spirit, (Miroslav Volf)

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    WorkInTheSpiritSince the rise of modern industrial society, work has come to pervade and rule the lives of men and women. Although there have been many popular books on the Christian understanding of work, this is the first scholarly effort to articulate a developed Protestant theology.

    Volf interprets work from a new perspective–in terms of the doctrine of the Holy Spirit–and explores the nature of work in both capitalist and socialist societies. Within these macroeconomic frameworks, he considers a variety of work, including industrial, agricultural, medical, political, and artistic. Volf rejects the traditional protestant understanding of work as vocation, and argues for a doctrine of work as cooperation with God.

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